Chemical Guys Diablo Foam Wheel And Rim Cleaner

Diablo Gel pH neutral wheel cleaner is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including OEM and after-market wheels, painted and powder-coated wheels, chrome, carbon fiber lips, decal-wrapped wheels and virtually all painted surfaces. The oxygen-rich infused suspension technology encapsulates dirt particles and rapidly lifts them away from the surface, suspending them in a pH neutral slippery gelatin that easily rinses off wheels, leaving spot-free results. The unique gel consistency of Diablo Gel enables it to stick to grime and brake dust-filled wheels and efficiently loosens and lifts contaminants in suspension where they can be safely rinsed away from the surface, leaving wheels and tires spotless.

Diablo Gel wheel and rim cleaner can be applied with a brush or sprayed on and can be diluted according to your needs. For regular cleaning, dilute 1 part product to 6 parts water, or for heavy-duty cleaning, Diablo can be left more concentrated at a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5. One 16-ounce bottle can make as many as 6 bottles of ready-to-use Diablo Gel. This water-based, extra slippery gel is safe for all wheels, is non-acid and non-caustic based, and is 100% pH balanced and neutral, making it safe for delicate wheels. The oxygen pockets inside the product can be easily seen, and its unique formulation lifts brake dust, dirt, and contaminants away from any surface, holding them in complete suspension so they can be safely rinsed off without staining any surface.